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Database Design and Implementation.

Having a good database can save you so much time on repetitive processes.  We can help your business become more efficient, start with a small basic database and it can grow as your business expands

Website Design

We can sort your website out from the beginning, get your domain name, host it, and design your website.  From a basic one page website to a fully loaded shop and all the essentitial services that go along with getting your website up and running.

IT Security

We can advise you on all aspects of IT Security you need, to prevent unauthorized access to your assets such as computers, networks and data.  

Network Design

A computer network involves at least two computers connected by a communication chanel to share information and data.  Multiple users can be networked together to share data and resources.  

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of computer services including databases, networking, servers, storage, software and intelligence over the Internet (The Cloud) which offers flexible reasources and faster inovation.  Helps lower your operating costs as you typically only pay for the cloud services you use, it also runs your infrastructure more efficiently and you can scale your business as your needs change.